A small selection of tube ring designs going on another three scopes nearing completion...................+ a few finder scopes for telescopes in production.
More work in progress.... More images and explanation are on the custom builds page. This is like thinking out loud!
More info on the custom build page. I'm building it it with Astrofest in mind along with another design and I'm now planning original & different designs for NEAF 2015, if only I had more time to sit at the drawing board.....
"I'm so overwhelmed by the workmanship and beauty of each instrument you create.You stirred up memories of my youth I was 9 years old in New York City when I looked thru a telescope for the first time I thought I landed on the moon .Then my first trip to the New York Hayden Planetarium I was hooked . After the show next to a meteorite, I saw it , a 6" reflector I stood there many time thinking how beautiful it was. .Four years later I earned enough to buy a 4" reflector .Fast forward.At 61 I'm lucky enough to hear about you and see your creations it made me feel like that 9 years old again looking at your work .You are very gifted craftsmen.I hope there's one or two with my name on them! It's wonderful when one finds his bliss everyone feels it.

I was touched to receive this email yesterday. Thank you Alan. 
What makes Moonraker different from the competition, Original ideas, original designs, unique builds.
Below are images of finder scope and refractor parts near completion ready for plating
Things are busy at Moonraker with another four custom jobs booked in just this week for individual clients as well as retailers. It will be full steam ahead to get the commissions finished in time for Astro fest and I still have refractors and a Mak to build for me to display.................Moonraker, original designs, built with you in mind.
NEWS FLASH........We are please to announce that Moonraker, in conjunction with  Starlight instruments will soon 
take receipt of the first {of many} Feathertouch focusers.
These ARE DIFFERENT, polished, anodized or plated to exactly match our unique range of refractors, more info on the blog
A unique service offered by Moonraker.

It's been a while in the offing, well since Summer of this year, but now the first focuser will be arriving shortly to have a Moonraker customized finish. I appreciate the help from Wayne and his patience and look forward to making these focusers available as options for all new builds and even adapting to fit an existing cherished scope that needs an upgrade. More info and images soon.  
Following the immense amount of interest in our prototype case design and telescopes at Starmus we are nearly ready to go into production.  Below are a selection of images showing the workmanship of our prototype box design. We would really appreciate your input as to what features you feel could be included, such as lining, lights, special compartments, chart holder or even hip flask storage.... Yes we have been asked for this! We look forward to you helping us create the ultimate storage, display or transportation case for your cherished refractor. Prices will start from £300.00 +VAT depending on spec.
The sample below feature a 60mm f16.7 Carton Terminator in 23.6 carat gold plate in Moonrakers unique and signature polished colour combination. Gold has better thermal qualities than brass, is less then half the weight of brass and does not tarnish or need lacquering..............Why have brass when you can have gold.

The Gold option is available on all telescopes in the Moonraker range the price of the f16.7 60mm Terrninator is just £1,200.00 + VAT. Brass is an option offered but it weighs twice as much.
Hard at it again after an interesting 24 hours, thanks to everybody who contacted me for your support.
This scope is to be finished in anodized gold and polished aluminium and is designed to function with a 1.25" prism with no reducer and a 2" diagonal and herschal wedge. It will be finished with new style rings and finderscope mount. By reducing the width of the rings and using a 7" losmandy plate proportions will be kept as they should be, using a single ring on this size scope I feel not an option from an aesthetic perspective. The rings and focuser {as is} shown are just for testing the scopes in-focus. More later................