At Moonraker we are happy to engrave bespoke messages and dedications, these are not CNC engraved, but enscribed by hand as they were in days of yore............Adding to the uniqueness of the telescope. Truly bespoke telescopes, created for one off's.. like You!
This will have a 2" focuser, passive + induced cooling {Still making these bits} and will look like no other yet function perfectly {fingers crossed!!} Special rings, 60mm helical finder and dew shield and more, Everything is in mock up at present, even the brass screws....................... Also the Nautilus is coming along, there may be a passing nod to Unitron/polarex, not from a black and white perspective, but just because its long and thin, yet utilizing Moonrakers design concepts, colour schemes, functional rings, weights and ancillary mounting stalks etc, which has become a unique trade make of Moonraker design.
“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” 
 Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Days
This is just a mock up and will have extras still being made and totally unique to the model. Options available will include lens sizes from 76mm to 150mm+ or your own cherished cell with single or duel speed focusers. Finishes will include....well anything you want, just let me know.
Coming to a show near you soon, time willing, I just wish my imagination would slow down. If you're looking for a refractor that is the embodiment of artistic design and practical functionality this will be it  The rocket, what's that all about....You'll see...
More info on the accessories page.
A busy few months are ahead and I have to get really organised. Looks Like I'll be working over Christmas. Another two orders came in this week  which is excellent, but as said I now need to be really organised as each build is a one off to the clients specs..... That makes the job really exciting, each scope presenting it's own set of challenges., I'm not sure if I have time to make my new designs in time for Astrofest, but I'll have a go.
Going the extra mile, even the 30mm finder scope is flocked, the triplet lens has a new reverse top hat to fit into the countercell and the whole OTA is fully flocked as well. With new tube rings and rebated handle brackets this refractor is small, light and practical with an 80mm apo 0.979 certified triplet.

Now back to the workshop and finish another scope awaiting first light. Interestingly I been asked to build an f15 based on a Unitron design. I discussed the project with the client and we agreed that we best leave the classic scope as it is and not imitate it, but we will make our own version, an homage if you will, practical, functional, a scope that you would want to take out and get dirty, yet refined and elegant. We'll see what happens............... 
This week I will hopefully be finishing three refractors and get them dispatched in time for Christmas, then carry on with another three for delivery over Christmas and early January. Then I have to pull my finger out, without rushing, and build another eight as well as make some new designs for the shows next year. Definitely no rest for the mad or wicked.........One design will be a complete departure for fracs from f7 to f16....Watch this space...............Full steam ahead then.
There's still about a day or so's work to do and then test her before the client collects next weekend.
Now being assembled.....Exciting!!