Back in good old UK. Feeling good, but had a few issues out in the States, namely bits of my sad body breaking down, but off to the doctors and hospital tomorrow, but they can re-build me. The clue is in the video!!!
Got a visit from the crew of the Enterprise.....So they said.
Kuwait Airlines got us there and back, but they were dry flights so I had to top up on the return trip!!!!

Three glasses of Merlot wine at JFK departures over $70.00 + tips..........WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Boeing 777 had ashtrays in the seats, you go figure the age of the plane!!
People great, Show great, road crossing dangerous, taxi rides..."interesting" Would I do it again........YES!
It's Jules Verne, chatting to Brunel over a cup of tea on the bridge of the Enterprise, discussing the virtues of designs from the "Wild wild West"  And it works {need to do star test etc} Nothing like it in the Universe.....................The worlds most unique APM driven frac.
Hard at it until 1am working magic on finder accessories, stalks and vixen bars and then first teaser picture of pre-assembly of one totally unique scope. Must remember to not put myself in pictures, but it's the beauty within that counts!!!
Busy day in the workshop, getting another 60mm brass and polished aluminium scope ready to fly off and a few finishing touches to Big MaK and then tomorrow about 30+ hand made thumb screws in brass and alli and map out the next set of builds. A great response from Astrobuysell and I've got a lot of calls and emails to make.
The proto-type Big Mac 150mm scope is now finished. Not without it's teething problem, but they sem to have been overcome. This was a wholenew ball game, but I feel I can to the Maksutov scope justice. I also noticed it doubles as a fantastic expresso machine.......................
I was out attempting to star test last night, and of course it was cloudy. Up again at 3am and of course it was cloudy. Then I remembered this is England, took a drag on a cigi and went back indoors and started the day early too early. The newly finished f16 76mm will have a delayed departure unfortunately.

Hopefully today I'll be finishing off another f16.7 in brass and polished Alli with gold highlights,...........
Just a bit of fun this morning, but just so you know, when you see a Moonraker scope installed it's actually where it seems to be. WE will however be doing a photo shoot hopefully next week for the Delta-Pod and a selection of scopes. More good news, We will be off to Moscow after NEAF for the launch of the Thurstan Turner editions of telescopes and Delta pods. Telescopes and pod are nearing completion and then over to the USSR. Depending on the political climate that is...
I've been working on this for some time now, in between building custom scopes for clients. It's an entry level 102 f11 Moonraker OTA with colour co-ordinated retractable dew shield  in a choice of colours with bespoke rings, handle, customised Moonlite collimateable focuser and finderscope  for Under £1000.00 + VAT
More info very soon..................
My thanks to Roberto for send me this image taken with his Moonraker 94mm f6.8 triplet. Stunning