Over the past few days Iv'e been busy making parts for a project, turning flat bar in a four jaw indepent chuck, milling more holes than I've seen in a long time and yesterday delivered a scope to Bristol. That's another weekend gone and still a large scope to finish by Friday then start on the next. All good fun. Pictures may be boring.....could be a hole pun there!!!, but if it's got Moonraker on the scope it's made by Moonraker, which is why I provide clients with email updates of work in progress.
Playing catch up at the moment, bumped my head on the lathe, don't ask how, and was seeing stars, but not the right kind!! All back to normal now though and getting back on track. Looking forward to attending Astrofest as a kind of bus mans holiday and seeing what's "new" in the telescope world.  I'll have a presence there, but no stand as I have not had time to complete the new scopes as I've been busy producing telescopes for clients, which is good. More later..................
This is another f7 Apo triplet in early stages of production, leaving for a presentation cabinet fitting, along with finder and guider. This one is off to Moscow along with Moonraker tripod {images coming soon} for one of the first scopes to be produced under the badge of Thurstan-Turner of London. More info soon, but suffice to say this is where the art of design and construction of instruments  will be limited to six telescopes a year.
The scope in the background is a bit of a monster and off to the paint shop next week......
It's been a busy Christmas and still have another scope to try and finish over the next couple of days, but time is short. Currently working on another fifteen designs and builds in the coming months and a new website, which has been sitting in the background for a year, but I've just not had the time to develop it.

I'm also pleased to announce a new dealership in Italy. 
Thank you to Riccardo Cappellaro of Teleskop Service Italia for contacting me. Info will be on their website soon.

The tripods are coming along and will be ready in the next month or so, we are not rushing these as the design is unique and as much a piece of art as a functional base for using/displaying your cherrished telescope. That said, two have already been pre-ordered off plan!! How cool is that, so we'd better get them finished.

Below are a few images of the scope finished yesterday for another client in the UK.
Happy Hew Year to everyone. Best wishes, Mark.
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
I'd especially like to thank all my customers, associates and friends for their support and encouragement. Also I'd like to especially thank Alan in NJ USA. Why? Well he wrote me a short letter via email which, as I mentioned before was very touching. He has not purchased a scope from Moonraker, but wanted to relay his memories, stirred up by seeing my telescopes. He then sent me a gift, a stunning full size print of an exquisite painting, which I will soon have framed and hang in the lounge. God Bless Alan, thank you for your generosity and yes I'm sure one will have your name on it!

Below are some images of the two finished scopes and a new piece of hard ware weighing over 40kilos an 8" rotary table and chuck, now I can put some holes in that beast of a 9" dew shield.

Here's the letter again......"I'm so overwhelmed by the workmanship and beauty of each instrument you create.You stirred up memories of my youth I was 9 years old in New York City when I looked thru a telescope for the first time I thought I landed on the moon .Then my first trip to the New York Hayden Planetarium I was hooked . After the show next to a meteorite, I saw it , a 6" reflector I stood there many time thinking how beautiful it was. .Four years later I earned enough to buy a 4" reflector .Fast forward.At 61 I'm lucky enough to hear about you and see your creations it made me feel like that 9 years old again looking at your work .You are very gifted craftsmen.I hope there's one or two with my name on them! It's wonderful when one finds his bliss everyone feels it.
At Moonraker we are happy to engrave bespoke messages and dedications, these are not CNC engraved, but enscribed by hand as they were in days of yore............Adding to the uniqueness of the telescope. Truly bespoke telescopes, created for one off's.. like You!