Note to self.......START DIET ASAP!
Thanks to Steve Ringwood & Astronomy Now Magazine.
Something wicked has arrived, inspired by Nikola Tesla and the likes of great luminaries such as Jules Verne, I commend to you the prototype of a new range of classic refractors, building on the success of the existing and continually enhanced range of Moonrakers.

This reverse push pull 90mm refractor has been a labour of love and no, the 24 carat gold plate on the finder scope, dew shield, focuser and main tube is not all about vanity, it is hard wearing, will not tarnish, is crystalline waxed and is lighter than brass and it's thermal qualities equal that of the others in the Moonraker range.

Three other models are in the process of being created, but for now I share with you "The Jules Verne" Refractor More images soon.

There is now a possibility I will be attending NEAF, I'll confirm soon. Aselection of scopes can be seen on the Highpoint Scientific Stand.

Moonraker is always seeking to be unique with innovate designs and make instruments that are as much a pleasure to look at as well as look through.

"Imagination leads to endless possibilities................."

If life is a journey, then using a telescope should be a journey too, the destination is fixed in time and space, relatively speaking, so the expectation, the anticipation and the act of viewing all culminate in an enriched experience, the difference between bespoke/ handmade and mass produced, is both can be and are excellent mechanisms for revealing the cosmos, but the former is a reflection of the individual, the unique soul who bares witness to his origins, and if the sky's are cloudy still enjoys his/her refractor, imagining what the Moonraker will summon up next......................

All Moonraker telescopes will now come with, as standard, a 1.25" or 2" dielectirc diagonal and a choice of 15mm or 20mm eye piece. So all you need is a mount and you're ready to observe the night sky. That saib, Mounts are being designed at present as well as bespoke wooden tripods in the Cooke design so you can display your scope indoors as well as have a classic mount for star gazing!! More news soon.
More details can be found on the "telescope range" page. I'll soon be putting up all specs regarding size weight and options etc.
But something wicked this way,.. still comes, and it's not the 102's.............................