A selection of images of some scopes on production including turning of original 60mm Carton cell. I also make all cells from scratch, depending on the lens and build spec.
I can't believe it's been a year since Moonraker officially launched after the feature in Astronomy Now magazine last May. It's been a very, very busy year, and builds, designs and sales have far exceeded my expectations or wildest aspirations. Builds have averaged out over the year between 1- 1.5 scopes a week. Hard work, but really exciting.............
Moonraker, so I've been told by professional and amateur astronomers alike has really changed the way people look at telescope design, as well as providing an exceptional viewing/imaging experience.

Moonraker now make telescopes for telescope builders, lens designers and professionals, who's business it is to sell quality telescopes to the public. From  the owner of one of the most famous refractors to the serious amateur who want's something unique, Moonraker design & create in house, from lens cells, hand made to focuser knobs........all in house. 

Many of the special projects undertaken use the clients own lens which have served them well, but the tube assembly or cell is tired.

Due to the number of special builds and sales over the past year Moonraker is having to go VAT registered as of June this year. In the space of one year Moonraker Telescopes has become a self sustaining business, built on imagination and passion. I have no aspirations to get much bigger, or indeed would I want too, but the telescopes I can create in house now, without farming out the work to third parties has now reach housing lenses/building refractors up to 8" in diameter.

A big thank you to all my clients who have purchased , ordered and are awaiting delivery of a unique instrument.

A view of just some of the scope parts/tubes in production at the moment, the rest are either being prepped for powder coating, plating or polishing, 13 telescopes in total at present.

Soon you'll be able to see the first of the 102 f7's, delayed due to the fact I was not happy with the optical quality of the lenses.

Note to self.......START DIET ASAP!
Thanks to Steve Ringwood & Astronomy Now Magazine.