Custom built ed80 Moonraker scope on nearly finished re-built CG5 with hand made knobs! Chromed counter weight will be collected later today.
Working away, and still deaf. It's important to hear the machines when working, it's as if  they talk to you and you have a better feel for the job. So first accident at 800rpm 10 kilos of alli flys off and nearly breaks my arm, but all's well it would seem. Busy on numerous jobs, here are a few pics including the arm.........Ouch........................ Lots to get finished by Christmas............
In these modern times manufacturers are constantly striving to improve short focal length APO refractors, to increase the sensitivity of CCDs/webcams and taking new approaches to GoTo mounts. So it’s refreshing to see that there are still a few hardy souls producing hand crafted equipment for the discerning amateur or collector of astronomical equipment.

One such company is Moonraker Telescopes ,whose Nebula Class 4-inch f/12 refractor features in this month's reviews. They're not just attractive to behold however. They are fully functional instruments in their own right and can deliver crisp views of the night sky as our latest addition to the reviews team, Steve Collingwood, can attest to.

Each scope is hand crafted, allowing for a lot of customisation if the purchaser desires, something many commercially made instruments can't really offer. But looking at the sleek lines of the Moonraker, I would fancy setting it up in my living room just to show off its elegant lines! Of course that's if the better half would let me... or if we had room for it.

Moonraker 102 f12 Refractor
Nearly finished, finder should be coated this weekend and this is just a mock up fit to test all parts before baffles and first light. Clients choice Zeiss AS lens and Moonraker build and in this instance less is more as the client wanted a more 1950's classical long refractor look.

That said a few peeps have commented and assumed that any bling {all of which is functional} on a Moonraker comes at the expense of the engine performance {optics}. No, with Moonraker builds it is not either or, but both, customer spec and desire is everything. Moonraker builds use Lzos, Zeiss, APM, D&G Astro Physics, Vixen, Carton etc. If you have a cherished lens you know where to bring it for a sympathetic OTA design.
Still not built a scope with a Tak lens yet............................................

I've said it before, and there's nothing like repetition,.... I make want you the individual want, not what I build and then sell you what I have in stock. Unless you like one of my existing creations that is :o) {another 102 Dark Matter ordered last Friday along with Detla Pod and customised CG5}

I've been ill for the past two week so I've been out of the loop. I'm on the mend, but virtually completely deaf at present, hopefully this will improve as I need to chat to clients and friends....... Thanks, Mark
Packing and building, repairing, and sending, more new builds including potentially a 
10" over-sized 11" mirror Mak, how exciting................. Plus a couple more nice comments for jobs squeezed in for fellow pros................. Diet is not working.still.

Hi Mark,
Sorry I was rushed before when we talked.
I can't thank you enough for turning round a first rate job as quickly as you did.
Fits perfect, looks original, super service.
Nice doing business with you - I will give you more notice in future.......

John, P2V

Corporate client.

Finally got some feedback from our clients about the scope itself after all the pics we’ve been sharing, short & sweet but big thumbs up! -"Mate the telescope looks incredible.” Thanks, Jim.

Pictures of me with 150mm f12 ready for Moonrakering, a quick hand held snap of the eclipse and a happy client with his full set of knobs..........
Greetings!  I hope that all is well with you.  I purchased a 60 mm Terminator from you in February 2015.  I really enjoy the telescope.  It has turned into my favorite telescope.  I use it daily to make drawings of the sun.  At night I use it for the moon and planets, and sometimes double stars.  Thanks so much for building such a great telescope."

Kies, Kies π and Kӧnig By David Teske on the 22nd Sept 2015
Also, work is progressing on this f15, 110mm which will have a black and white classic livery and is destined for the USA. I've seen a few comments referring to the finish/design on my scopes and that some think they are a little over the top :o), but as I say I make what you want to buy, not what I have knocking around and want to sell you and with a full order book with clients from Australia, UK, Russia, Italy across to the USA & of course the UK I'm hopefully doing something right..... 
And a f12 Istar 150mm I acquired recently will certainly have the "X" factor...........
Divine intervention in the early morning light, and just finished, anodized black rings for a cosmic Zeiss with FT focuser custom white. Less joss sticks would be better, less smoke!!