Not been updating for a while as I've been under a bit of pressure with telescope builds and tight dead lines, but we're getting there. More comments are on the "feedback page" funny that!!! and below are some images of a Vixen 150ed which is having a makeover with custom adapter, rings etc and some other bits that are ongoing for different clients. Looking forward to receiving a classic Victorian scope for restoration and in one week had three enquiries alone for Lzos and Lomo triplet builds from 80mm -130mm. At present I'm working on a number models for shows and clients and hoping all will come together in good time.
More info on the accessories page. Full specs soon and all options available for short to long scopes, mounting choices, colours, wood finishes etc, and custom heights for perfect viewing or imaging.
At Moonraker we pride ourselves on handcrafted builds, where each telescope or accessory is made specifically for a client.
It may seem a little thing but the paraboloids are all made by hand on the lathe, not farmed out and not CNC'd. This may not be important to some clients, but the ethos of handmade is all important and part of the joy of creating.............

And introducing a "Moonrakered" Sabre mount with custom vixen mount.
Well you know what they say, if you want to "Look Different" buy an original, order a Moonraker!
Full steam a head and steady as she goes................... More teasers of the unique tripod design {info on the accessories page} a finished f16.5 and now the box, a quick shot of a unique APM Thurstan-Turner
triplet and a just started unique grab handle for a 150mm f8 Moonraker with APM lens.
One secret assigment finished & a scope being built for APM UK via our new telescope creating  arm, "Thurstan-Turner of London" . The website is still under construction, but when it gets a little less hectic all will be up dated. Five builds on the go at present and it's looking tight for NEAF, but we're pressing on..
Astrofest next week and hopefully a few suprises, if all goes well. The finder stalk below was a huge challenge, you can move the eye piece to any position and its rock solid. The custom weights are going to be chromed as part of an extraordinary project hopefully to be completed for NEAF and the handleis part of the APM. The 102 Triplet, when completed is off to Moscow where the Thurstan-Turner design/build concept is being promoted.
Over the past few days Iv'e been busy making parts for a project, turning flat bar in a four jaw indepent chuck, milling more holes than I've seen in a long time and yesterday delivered a scope to Bristol. That's another weekend gone and still a large scope to finish by Friday then start on the next. All good fun. Pictures may be boring.....could be a hole pun there!!!, but if it's got Moonraker on the scope it's made by Moonraker, which is why I provide clients with email updates of work in progress.