Here are some images of progress on three telescopes, one large f10 doublet and two triplets, 140mm and one 102mm both f6.5 destined for Italy. There's away to go, but everything comes to those that wait......Not too long I hope. Thank you to all my customers for your patience, at least it's not years you have to wait like Astro Physics.... Hopefully soon Moonraker will be in Paris and I'm expecting a visit from Italy so we can get our scopes displayed very soon.
I'm building two refractors for one client at present {amongst others} and the mount has had to be strengthened with six extra bolts and a small adapter plate. Then knobs were removed and fitted with retro slo-mo controls to reduce vibration as the scope is quite long!! The wide field will sit on the top and the large refractor will be side mounted on the up graded ADM saddle.
Now do they want standard weights or two stainless steel ones.....I'll give them a call ! 
After a really successful show in the USA, Astronomy Now magazine have included some images of Moonraker telescopes and  commented on the quality and design  in telescope innovation. For those who desire bespoke, truly unique telescopes that not only compliment and reflect the owners lifestyle and interior decor, but provide outstanding vistas of the heavens. And, with the correct diagonal, stunning views of cityscapes and the countryside. Moonraker are rapidly becoming an architects and designers first port of call for scientific instruments and tripods that compliment new and old buildings. Now working on a project for an award winning Scottish design company for an exclusive client here and far far away. Exciting times...........
Now available......... The Cruickshank-Inns & Thurstan-Turner retro Delta Pod.
Design and build has taken longer than expected, but we wanted to create something totally new, a tripod that is truly a work of art as well as being a fully functional tripod for both visual and imaging use and more!. The Delta Pod was a stunning success at NEAF 2015 and bespoke variations of this Delta Pod are being created and shipped to locations as far apart as Australia, USA and Moscow. They are made entirely in-house. The name on the bespoke unit is that of the creators/makers, from start to finish..... all made by hand.

Our design has enabled a smaller foot print at 39" which is much smaller than other "classical" tripod designs available today with a 51" footprint, so there is less of a trip hazard and far more stable with no lateral twist due to the exact measurements and highest quality fixings and furniture. We are producing  tripods, in various heights capable of taking heavy kit if needed yet still looking cool and elegant....See image below for weight baring!!. The sabre curved legs are designed to transfer the loading to a smaller area making the design more ergonomic and work on a similar principle to a "flying buttress" .

The tripod head can be made to take any mount style from a Televue, EQ5, EQ6, FTX etc, etc and they can be made interchangeable. When collapsed the tripod is still freestanding, how cool is that!
The architectural & structural elegance is already a winner with design houses and custom bespoke variations are in the process of being made with a myriad of uses....Watch this space........
Not been well of late and fighting hard to get well. That said I'm doing my best to build the scopes recently ordered. Here we have a 99% finished fpl53 f7 triplet awaiting 6x thumb screws and then the guider.................................
Almost recovered after NEAF and what fun it was. But now I'm hard at it with numerous builds underway and only yesterday another order, this time of a 150 mm f12 doublet, a real monster, not unlike the 7" & 8" scopes made earlier this year re-badged for other companies, but this one will have Moonraker stamped all over it!! Below are a couple of images of the 6" f10 getting underway and a 5.5" oil spaced triplet awaiting a start being aquainted with it's new focuser and motor drive I picked up from NEAF. This will be a three scope imaging cluster, the guide scope alone is a fully fledged 60mm ED Apo lens with 400mm approx fl. All good stuff...................
Back in good old UK. Feeling good, but had a few issues out in the States, namely bits of my sad body breaking down, but off to the doctors and hospital tomorrow, but they can re-build me. The clue is in the video!!!
Got a visit from the crew of the Enterprise.....So they said.
Kuwait Airlines got us there and back, but they were dry flights so I had to top up on the return trip!!!!

Three glasses of Merlot wine at JFK departures over $70.00 + tips..........WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Boeing 777 had ashtrays in the seats, you go figure the age of the plane!!
People great, Show great, road crossing dangerous, taxi rides..."interesting" Would I do it again........YES!
It's Jules Verne, chatting to Brunel over a cup of tea on the bridge of the Enterprise, discussing the virtues of designs from the "Wild wild West"  And it works {need to do star test etc} Nothing like it in the Universe.....................The worlds most unique APM driven frac.